Trust, Happiness, and Pro-Social Behavior
with Stefano Carattini

Review of Economics and Statistics, forthcoming

Abstract: This paper combines several large-scale surveys and empirical strategies to shed new light on the determinants of cooperative behavior. We provide evidence indicating that the level of trust maximizing subjective well-being tends to be above the income maximizing level. Higher trust is also linked to more cooperative and pro-social behaviors, including the private provision of global public goods such as climate change mitigation. Consistent with “warm glow” theories of pro-social behavior, our results indicate that individuals may enjoy being more cooperative than what would lead them to maximize income, which can be reflected in higher levels of subjective well-being. 

Job Market Paper

Broadband Internet and Fact-Resistant Beliefs: The Case of Climate Change Skepticism

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Abstract: I explore the informational role of broadband internet in forming and spreading fact-resistant attitudes, specifically climate change skepticism. My approach uses fine-grained broadband quality data in the U.S. along with an identification strategy relying on terrain-induced variations in the cost of broadband deployment. Overall, the results indicate that better internet can encourage unwarranted skepticism, albeit only to a limited extent. Suggestive evidence is further consistent with middle-aged and more Republican-leaning segments of the population driving any negative overall impacts toward denialism, while younger and less conservative segments, if at all, tend to respond in the opposite way.

Work In Progress

Lobbying in Disguise
with Stefano Carattini and Ulrich Matter

Algorithmic Radicalization on YouTube
with Ulrich Matter

Social Networks and the Adoption of Solar Panels
with Stefano Carattini

Policy Papers and pre-PhD Work

Quo Vadis COP? Future Arrangements for Intergovernmental Meetings under the UNFCCC – Settled and Fit for Purpose
with Benito Müller, Jen Allan, and Luis Gomez-Echeverri 

European Capacity Building Initiative Policy Report (2021). Covered by Carbon Brief and the Financial Times.

This is my Rifle - On US Police Militarisation and Crime

University of St. Gallen School of Economics and Political Science Discussion Paper No. 2017 (2020).

Performance-Based Resource Allocation - A Cautionary Tale
with Benito Müller, Cameron Hepburn, and Sam Fankhauser

Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment Working Paper 338 (2020).

Economic Growth and Climate Change - Opportunities and Challenges on the Way to a Zero-Carbon Society
with Linus Mattauch, Moritz Schwarz, and Jan Siegmeier

Wirtschaftspolitische Blätter 03/2017 (2017)

Wirtschaftswachstum aufgeben? - Eine Analyse wachstumskritischer Argumente (EN: Give up on growth? An analysis of degrowth arguments)
with Franziska Funke, Frithjof Gressmann, Philipp Mathé, Michael Oberhaus, Johanna Joy Obst, and Daniel Weishaar

Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change (MCC) Working Paper 01/2016 (2016).